"Since I started using AgWizard I sleep better at night knowing what my farms breakeven is, along with the price I need sell my grain to achieve my profit goal."

Farmer - Hampton, Iowa

AgWizard for Farmers

AgWizard will help you become more organized – allowing you to make better, more informed decisions that affect your farm’s profitability.  With detailed cost of production and break-even analysis, AgWizard makes creating a marketing plan easier than ever before.


And, with built-in financial reports that lenders want when you apply for that annual operating loan, you’ll find AgWizard has the tools you need to grow your farm operation.

AgWizard Benefits to Farmers:

Gain Insight and Get Answers to important questions that affect a farm's bottom-line,
such as:

  1. What is my breakeven price?
  2. What price do I need in order to achieve my profit objective?
  3. Which farms are the most profitable?
  4. How much cash rent can I afford to pay for each farm?
  5. What is my return on investment for each farm?
  6. How does changing my crop insurance from enterprise to optional units
    affect my claim?

Other Key Benefits:

  • Get Organized – Determine profitability on a field-by-field basis. See which farms are making money and which farms are costing you.
  • Create a Marketing Plan – Quickly determine break-even's and build a plan to achieve your objectives.
  • Stay Connected – Share key reports with business partners, advisors and lenders.
  • Make More Informed Decisions – Receive a "Daily Snapshot" of changes to your farm's profitability and cash flow as market prices are updated automatically.